Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nail Polish Canada Mini Haul

I don't have a new design for you yet, as I just finished work today, but I do have some swatches of colours I purchased last month from Nail Polish Canada. So let's get started:

Blue-Ming by Color Club
 Here's "Blue-ming" by Color Club. It's very close to a cyan colour, and although it looks a tad dull in this photo it's very bright, and vibrant, it's one of those cheerful colours that I love. I will have a design with this up soon. Two thickish coats.

"Age of Aquarius" Color Club
 This one is "Age of Aquarius", another Color Club polish, it's that perfect shade of creme teal that I've been looking for for a while now. Three coats.

"Foxy" China Glaze
 Here's "Foxy" from China Glaze, a nice deep shimmery/almost metallic reddy brown shade. It's got some really nice copper/gold shimmer to it. It makes me think of Fantastic Mr.Fox's fur. Two Coats.

"Space Cadet" Orly
Such a phenomenal colour! Ahh, it has a duotone sort of sheen to it, like it can't decide whether it wants to be copper, purple or a green shade. It's like a chameleon it changes so much! I used two coats here.