Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Simple, sort of neutral nails. The base colour used for these is "Gouda Gouda Two Shoes" by OPI, it's from their Holland Collection. I bought this along with "Wooden Shoe Like to Know" and they are currently the only OPI nail polishes in my collection. On top of that I stamped an image from BM plate BM-11 in Color Club's Nail Art Polish in "Bronze" which looks more like a yellowy gold(in my opinion).
I realize that the design is hard to see, but none of the photos I took seemed to capture a whole lot of it.

Friday, 24 February 2012


June/06/2010 to June/12/2012
A simple Valentine's day idea. Did some white hearts over top of "Nectar" by Sally Hansen.

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Peacock Purples

Okay! So after a few days of "WTF am I gonna do?" and "Nothing is working!" frustration, I popped over to Sally's for some quick inspiration. I was standing there for a good ten minutes blankly staring at all the nail polishes when "Flying Dragon (Neon)" by China Glaze caught my eye and I remembered some swatch photos I saw of it. I picked up a bottle, and when I got home this happened:

Flipped this one so you could see the designs upright.

The base colour is "Flying Dragon (Neon)" by China Glaze, I stamped images from Bundle Monster plates: BM 03, BM 15 and BM 212 using "Silver Sweep" by Sally Hansen.

The end result reminds me vaguely of the purple/silver Banarasi  Sari I wore at my cousin's wedding many years ago. Needless to say I like this one, for now, and the sari is still sitting in my closet only being worn once and in desperate need of a new, properly fitting sari blouse.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Jungle Flowers

Another one inspired by the awesome Robin Moses. This time is Jungle flowers. I'm not too certain I like this very much on my nails, so it will probably get changed out for something else before the end of this week.
The base colour is "Temptation Carnation" by China Glaze, along with some sparkle from a mixture of "Red Carpet" (Sally Hansen) and "Hot Stuff" by Kleancolor.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Simple French

Jan/17/2010 to Jan/23/2010
Simple French manicure using "White" by Kleancolour and a gold striper polish.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Water Decals

These water decals I purchased off of Application was okay, just cut off the pre-sized nail, soak it in water for 2 min., peel the design off, apply to the nail, let it dry file the extra off then top with top coat. I like using these every so often when I feel like being lazy, they give very pretty results with minimal effort and minimal mess. Plus, they come in many designs (just check them all out on ebay).

Friday, 10 February 2012

Fuchsia Fever

This is what I've been wearing since Wednesday. The base is "Fuchsia Fever" by Revlon. On top of that I used Dollar Nail Art's foil in "Gold", and added one coat of L.A. Girl's glitter in "Synergy".

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Near Dark Flowers (Photo Heavy)

White Gold Foil

Gold Foil

Left: Gold Foil; Right: White Gold Foil

Left: Gold Foil; Right: White Gold Foil

Left: Gold Foil; Right: White Gold Foil
These are INSPIRED by the amazing Robin Moses go see her awesomeness here: Robin Moses.

The base colour I used for these was "Near Dark" by China Glaze, I added a gradient using some silvery eye shadow and "The Best Glue Ever". On top of that I hand painted some grey-ish flowers, and added some spot of gold foil (on one) and white gold foil(on the other) for some sparkle. This was fun, and what I wanted to attempt on my own paws a while ago but didn't quite have to moxy to do so.
I hope you all enjoy!

Yellow Houndstooth

Jan/10/2010 to Jan/16/2010
Yellow nail polish was by Sally Hansen, with Konad's Houndstooth and star stamping stencils.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Toxic Love

The base coat for this is "Dosh" by Butter London, it was chosen by my friends on Facebook after I posted photos of the swatches. I wanted to do something Valentine's day-esque, so I chose this over heart-argyle. I might do a set of falsies with the argyle to entertain myself during the week. The hearts were done using a dotting tool, as was the skull with hearts for his eyes :).

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mini Haul 2

Left to Right: Fuchsia Fever(Revlon), Night Prowl (Wet n' Wild), Dosh (Butter London), Expresso (Sally Hansen)

With one coat of "Sparkling" by Revlon
Bought a few new polishes while I was at Walmart. I love the glitter "Sparkling" by Revlon, its a nice cold rose shade of glitter with lots of sizes of hexagons in it to make it interesting. "Dosh" by Butter London, I purchased off of using the points I earned from the $10 monthly Glymm box.


Oct/12/2011 to Oct/15/2011
Several coats of "Sheer Pastel Pink" by Kleancolor with 2 coats of "Aurora" by Kleancolor on top.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Geek Chic - Photo Heavy

Just a little refresh, the past two V-day designs have left me feeling like I've been staring at candy-coloured vomit on my finger nails. So to simplify everything (sort of) I went for a nice solid nude shade. The base colour is "Touch of Mauve" by Revlon. I painted the glasses on using regular acrylic paint. On the ring finger we have your typical Wayfarer glasses, and on the thumb is the super cute Cat-Eye glasses. I recently bought two new pairs in these frames for myself to switch up my normal frames with. I'm in love with the cat-eye specks.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Heart Confetti - Valentine's Day

Aug/22/2011 to Aug/27/2011
Base colour is "Purple Panic(Neon)" by China Glaze, with some hand painted hearts in purple, pink, and black. Really cute and simple for Valentine's Day.