Monday, 28 November 2011

Nov/28/2011 Golden Snow

Base colour is "946 Hey Sailor" by China Glaze, with snowflakes from BM14 and Konad's M59 plates.
Stamped in "653 Solar Power" by China Glaze and "162 Metallic Yellow" from Kleancolor.

I like how subtle these babies are, and since it's nearly December, it's time to get festive.
Sorry, they're still kinda messy :p

Testing 1,2,3...


Testing out a number of Gold nail polishes to see how well they stand up to stamping. I'm working on creating a larger list that includes more colours for my own personal reference.

But here's what I discovered so far:

"653 Solar Power" by China Glaze
"1042 Tarnished Gold" by China Glaze (Crackle Collection)
"178 Lavendare" by Revlon
"162 Metallic Yellow" by Kleancolor
"45 Copper" by Kleancolor

Base colours I used on the fake nails are:

Black: "484 Liquid Vinyl" by Orly
Red: "946 Hey Sailor" by China Glaze

Nail Fail

"Coffee Break" by Orly with BM20 plate stamped on top.
Just a Nail Fail for Nov/26/2011.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Mini Haul

Bought a few new nail polishes today, and decided to test them out on my paws. From Left to right: "946 Hey Sailor" (China Glaze), "40575 Coffee Break" (Orly), "1004 Holly-day" (China Glaze), "1020 Poinsettia" (China Glaze). I don't normally buy more than one red at a time but I've been on the hunt for the "PERFECT" red. I like "Hey Sailor" because it's bright with warm orangey undertones, but I like "Poinsettia" for the blue-ish undertones. So far haven't found a shade that is dark enough with out being too dark. The hunt continues.

Monday, 21 November 2011


"948 First Mate" by China Glaze with "460 Wet Cement" by Sally Hansen
This weeks paws, entertaining myself with stamping.  This time I used Bundle Monster plates: BM206 and BM20. The base colour is "948 First Mate" from China Glaze, with the stripes stamped using "460 Wet Cement" from Sally Hansen's eXtreme Wear collection. As you can see, the stripes didn't turn out so well.. and I had to re-stamp since my nails are bigger than the designs on the stamping plates.

These will probably be changed out when I have a chance.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Changed them, again.... My indecisiveness is getting to be a problem.
"256 Evening Seduction" by China Glaze with "270 Lacey Lilac" by Sally Hansen.
So today (and for however long these last) I tried out a new colour I purchased over the weekend. The base colour is "256 Evening Seduction" by China Glaze. Alone is a very deep rich purple, it's almost black in most lighting. On top I stamped a floral from Bundle Monster's BM21 plate using "270 Lacey Lilac" from Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear line.

Over all, I'm loving the effect I got with it.

Monday, 14 November 2011


"Brilliant Idea" by Nicole Nail Polish by OPI
Nails for this week of Nov/13/2011. A simple glitter polish gradient with some black striping.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Nov 6th and 7th

Nov/07/2011 "270 Lacey Lilac", "190 Posh Plum", "02 White On" all from Sally Hansen
 Tried a water marble again, total EPIC FAIL, turned into a globby mess when it didn't dry instantly on the water.
"270 Lacey Lilac" by Sally Hansen
Just a picture to show you the beautiful shade of lilac I recently picked up. This was before the water marbling was attempted.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

July/30/2011 to July/31/2011

"Flirty" by Orly
More old stuff. All the designs are hand-painted using acrylic paint.

Nov/14/2010 - Nov/20/2011

"Sonic Boom" Sally Hansen, Insta-dri Collection
Uploading some old stuff. The flowers were hand painted with black acrylic paint.