Friday, 28 September 2012

Flashback Friday: Silver Flowers

Just a simple design for this past summer. Did an ombre using a sponging technique with "Nectar" and "Posh Plum" both by Sally Hansen. Stamped with an image on Bundle Monster plate BM16 using ``Silver Sweep`` by Sally Hansen. Ignore the chip in my Pinky nail, I took these after I finished work.

The reddish-coral is a bit of a Frankenpolish; I added some Wet n`Wild French White Creme to it to make it lighter.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

1 Year Old!

This day last year I first started this little blog. So Nekodansu's Nails is officially one year old today!
Yay! Who knew I would keep up with this.
So to celebrate this mini-Milestone I figured why not have a small giveaway?

The prize will be a set of false nails, hand painted by me (you can choose your design from the many I have already done or from something you've seen elsewhere) for the winner:

This is the kind of nail set the winner will receive.

So the Giveaway Information is all here:

You don't need to follow my Tumblr, Pinterest, Blog, Twitter, etc. although I would appreciate it greatly.

This Giveaway is open to everyone of all ages.

No, you do not need to be a Canadian/US citizen, as it's also open to everyone no matter where you are from.

How do I participate?
Simple, tell me which of my past nail art designs is your favourite and why (don't forget to include your name and email in the comment below).

Please only leave ONE comment down below. I would like to keep this as fair as possible. If you leave more than one, you will be disqualified.

Giveaway is CLOSED.

Monday, 24 September 2012

First Week of Fall

Yesterday we rang in the first day of Fall!! And you know what that means, HALLOWEEN!

So to kick off autumn, I have a mildy themed Halloween mani to show you, plus OPI's "So So Skullicious" mini polish set.

OPI So So Skullicious
 I only bought this mini collection because of it's packaging. Shameful yes, considering these colours are fairly easy to come by, except maybe the orange. But, honestly, that packaging is adorable. This set contains 4 mini nail polish colours, and a set of small sugar skull water nail art decals. They were cute, but I haven't come up with a way to use them yet.

Close up on Colour names.
 This little mini set came with the above 4 colours: "Hi Pumpkin!", "A-Rose From the Dead", "Mourning Glory" and "Candlelight". "Hi Pumpkin!" is a perfect pumpkin coloured creme orange, it's very opaque on which is nice. "A-Rose from the Dead" is a basic pink creme, opaque after 2 coats, it's nice but I'm sure I already have this shade somewhere in my collection. "Mourning Glory" is a creme black, very common. And "Candlelight" is a nice sheer yellow, it took 3 coats to become opaque, it feels warmer toned than other yellows I've used.

This mani was done using all the colours from the mini set. I did some colour sponging on my middle and pinky fingers and it created this nice fall mesh look. On top of that I added some outlined roses in a dark burgundy and white. The index finger has a cute little skull peeking out from one corner surrounded by more rose outlines. It's cute and very mix n match, which is kind of why I like it. I like how the skull is my way of hinting that Halloween is on it's way. I'm so excited.

"A-rose from the Dead" Index finger.
"Candlelight", "Mourning Glory", "Hi Pumpkin!" and "A-Rose from the Dead" Middle, and Pinky nails
"Mourning Glory" on the Ring Finger.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Flashback Friday: Nail Fail: Water Marble


This is another water marble. That failed. The colour choices were odd, and I just half-assed it -_-'

The colours used for this were:
"Lacey Lilac" by Sally Hansen
"Lickety-Split Lime" by Sally Hansen
"Seduce Me" by China Glaze
"First Mate" by China Glaze

Needless to say, I found it so ugly I took it off withing the hour I put it on.

Monday, 17 September 2012

Bouquet of Roses

Another simple one for today. Don't worry I have some awesome Halloween designs coming up soon.

The base colour is 3 coats of OPI's "Don't Touch My Tutu" with some simple gold roses painted on top. Really simple, really fresh and also pretty easy to do, it's just a bunch of curved lines.

Have a Happy Monday!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Flashback Friday - Blue Roses

Another Flashback Friday for you all!
This was an experiment with different nail tip shapes and one-stroke flower painting.

Square tips: Whole hand.
 So, to start you off, here are the more common square nail tips, that I personally prefer. They aren't squoval, much to them looking like it in the photo.
Square tips: main four.
 You can see the square-ness a touch better here, along with clearer nail art. This ring and thumb fingers have the one-stroke painted roses on them. They just look like blobs to me though.
Square tips: close up of thumb.
Almond Tips: Whole hand.
 Here are the almond tips. Remember its the exact same mani, the only thing that has changed is the shape of my nail tips. I like the almond shape, but on certain nails it doesn't look to flattering to me, for example my ring finger looks to oval (I tried to make it pointier but it's too short).
Almond tips: main four.
 A better shot of the tips alone. You can see what I meant about the ring finger being more oval than almond.
 Now for the colours I used: the white was done using Kleancolor's "White", with an overlay of Miss Pro Nail Sation in "Cotton Candy" a beautiful pink sheer opalescent shimmer.

One more photo for you guys:
Top: Almond Shape.
Bottom: Square Shape.
Here is where I'd like your input, which nail tip shape do you think looks better on my hand. The almond? or the Square?

Monday, 10 September 2012

Saturday Night Fever

Happy Monday!

September 10th 2012
A simple ombre with two metallics. Towards the cuticle we have Sally Hansen's "Saturday Night Fever" my favourite yellow-gold. And on the tips is "Ingenue" by Orly.

Bonus! A photo of Pickle with pink on his nose:

Friday, 7 September 2012

Flashback Friday: Marbled French

A marbled french mani. Used "Sonic Bloom" by Sally Hansen, and "French White Creme" by Wet n' Wild. I just taped off the areas I didn't want marbled.

Monday, 3 September 2012


I've been meaning to do this mani since February?(I can't remember when we had our Fringe Peacock stuff on display). 

So at work (Chapters/Indigo), we get in a lot of "Lifestyle" product, one of the companies that we get gorgeous stuff from is Fringe, and apparently this particular collection was designed exclusively for us. Part of the Fringe Peacock collection was a beautifully printed tote bag. As gorgeous as the peacock print was on the front, I was more into the floral on the back. Here's a photo of it I took with my phone:

Fringe Peacock Bag; Back.
Isn't is such a gorgeous pattern? So, naturally I wanted this on my nails, since I'm a floral pattern junkie. And here is what happened after many months of staring at this bag.

Whole Hand.
 I tried a combination of things with this manicure, the original idea was to just over load on the floral, but it evolved; I tried that "outlined" nails technique, solid glitter nails, accent nails and some simple filigree.

Main Four.
 For the base colour I used "First Mate" by China Glaze, Essie's "A Cut Above" on my pinky, and "Pink Satin" by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear for the outlining and filigree.

Thumb Close-up.
And a close up on my thumb. I tried to use different parts of the design on my nails so that it wouldn't be to repetitive. 

And that's the end of my little Monday manicure.

Also! Keep your eyes peeled this month, there will be a giveaway happening in September for my blog's birthday!