Friday, 14 September 2012

Flashback Friday - Blue Roses

Another Flashback Friday for you all!
This was an experiment with different nail tip shapes and one-stroke flower painting.

Square tips: Whole hand.
 So, to start you off, here are the more common square nail tips, that I personally prefer. They aren't squoval, much to them looking like it in the photo.
Square tips: main four.
 You can see the square-ness a touch better here, along with clearer nail art. This ring and thumb fingers have the one-stroke painted roses on them. They just look like blobs to me though.
Square tips: close up of thumb.
Almond Tips: Whole hand.
 Here are the almond tips. Remember its the exact same mani, the only thing that has changed is the shape of my nail tips. I like the almond shape, but on certain nails it doesn't look to flattering to me, for example my ring finger looks to oval (I tried to make it pointier but it's too short).
Almond tips: main four.
 A better shot of the tips alone. You can see what I meant about the ring finger being more oval than almond.
 Now for the colours I used: the white was done using Kleancolor's "White", with an overlay of Miss Pro Nail Sation in "Cotton Candy" a beautiful pink sheer opalescent shimmer.

One more photo for you guys:
Top: Almond Shape.
Bottom: Square Shape.
Here is where I'd like your input, which nail tip shape do you think looks better on my hand. The almond? or the Square?