Monday, 29 April 2013

Simple Glam

I had another design in mind for this week, but it kept failing, so I swapped it out for this one.

 I also have a wedding coming up soon to go to, if my job plans hold out I won't be able to go. So this particular design is super simple, the main three fingers are "I Herd That" by China Glaze, with "Hot Blooded" by L.A. Colors on the ring and thumb nails as accents. I added a triangle half moon in "I Herd That" to them to make it a little less boring.

Since it's finally getting warm and beautiful outside, I was able to grab a nice shot of these in the sunshine.
These nails would look really great during the holidays too, now that I think about it.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Water Spotted

Have you seen that water spotted effect going around? I thought it was pretty cool looking so I figured I'd give it a shot for myself.

The base here is "Pastel Teal" by Kleancolor, I did the spotted effect in "Inky" by O.C.C. and used some acetone to get it to look more like I wanted. I like the end results, although the actual water spotting didn't quite come out like Simple Little Pleasure's on youtube. I guess I will have to try spraying the alcohol closer to get larger spots. All in all, I like the way this turned out.

Also, my index finger doesn't have any polish on it because I recently managed to slice it open on a dust jacket (book cover), and since it's pretty deep I'd like to avoid getting acetone in it.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Little Mermaid

This one is really nice and clean, and simple.

I also wanted another excuse to draw scales. So these remind me of mermaid tails with the pastel shades sponged randomly onto the accent nails. I like the cute scalloped french tips on the other nails too. It's a very clean, and simple looking manicure.

I sponged "Pastel Teal", and  "Pastel Blue" (by Kleancolor) and "Lacey Lilac" (Sally Hansen) onto the ring finger, and went over top of it with "Age of Aquarius" (Color Club) for the scales. The base I used was "French White Creme" by Wet n' Wild. This one was really cute and easy to do.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Flowery Britches

So the base I used for these was "Mossy Britches" by Nina Ultra Pro, its a really nice olive shimmery green, with some gold to it. I topped it off with some golden-yellow flowers.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Pink Galaxies

These looked much better in person, the "Fairy Dust" made them really come to life. For these I was inspired by Black Milk Clothing's  Pink Galaxy Leggings (you can see them here).

The colours I used for these nails are: "Black Creme" and "French White Creme" by Wet n' Wild; "Ahoy!", and "Evening Seduction" by China Glaze; and "Fuchsia Fever" Bye Revlon. I topped them off with some "Fairy Dust" (China Glaze) and "Disco Ball" (Covergirl).

Monday, 1 April 2013

Spring Flowers

It's officially spring!!! I'm so happy! Finally this snow shall melt and lead to beautiful flowers and double digits! To ring in the spring, here's a floral manicure!

I apologize for the photo quality, I was in a rush and didn't manage to get a good photo of these with my proper camera before running out the door.

The base colour I used was "Don't Touch My Tutu" by OPI. With some purple and blue flowers done in acrylic paint. Very simple, and fast, although I plan to revisit this in the future, next time I will make the colours brighter looking.