Monday, 26 December 2011

You make my Heart Beat

Base colour for these is "Frostbite" by China Glaze. Along with a heart beat pattern done with foils. The heart on the ring finger failed, but the one on my thumb was a roaring success!
And that's what I did on Christmas Day! Happy Boxing Day!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Tea Rose

Playing with some Nail Foils I purchased from This is my first attempt, and I used Tea Rose, and the glue they sent me. I should've photographed these last night, but didn't and so they were utterly
destroyed after I finished work this morning.

Next time I'll use "The Best Glue Ever" and more topcoats, hopefully that will make a difference.

Water Marble Testing

Testing out the nail polishes in my box to see which one are best for water marbling.

Nail Polishes:
"Lime Lights" Sally Hansen eXtreme Wear
"Wet Cement" Sally Hansen eXtreme Wear
"Poinsettia" China Glaze
"Holly Day" China Glaze
"Hey Sailor" China Glaze
"First Mate" China Glaze
"Frostbite" China Glaze
"Temptation Carnation" China Glaze
"Purple Panic (Neon)" China Glaze
"Pink Voltage (Neon)" China Glaze
"Seduce Me" China Glaze
"Turned up Turquoise" China Glaze
"Black Creme" Wet n' Wild
"Jazz Olive" Kleancolor
"Copper" Kleancolor
"Expresso" Kleancolor

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

More Nail Art from 2009

"Temptation Carnation" by China Glaze

"Red Pearl" by China Glaze

"Flirty" by Orly

"Jamaican Out" China Glaze

"Red Pearl" China Glaze

I have nothing new as of yet for this week. So I've uploaded a few of my favourite oldies from 2009 for you all. Base colours are listed in the captions. Top three photos: all art was hand painted by myself, second last: Konad stamp plate using Konad special polish Black, last photo are stick-on decals I found at Sally's.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Black Flowers and Sparkle

Base colour is "1020 Poinsettia" by China Glaze. I added some one-stroke hand painted black flowers, and topped them off with generic rhinestones for some added sparkle.
These probably won't survive work this week, but that's what photos are for :)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Carly's Nails

Painted Carly's nails. This was done ages ago. Base colour is "Turned up Turquoise" by China Glaze. That was followed by  a fishnet pattern stamped in blue Konad polish, and then some hand-painted purple flowers.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Dec/04/2011 Nail Fail

With out Flash

With Flash

 Tried a different type of french. It's similar to a fishtail braid idea I saw on Tumblr, if I can find it again I'll post a link to the original photo. Colours used are all by Kleancolor. I took it off same day, and am now just wearing "Holly-Day" from China Glaze on my paws.

"45 Copper"
"58 Expresso"
"118 Jazz Olive"