Monday, 3 September 2012


I've been meaning to do this mani since February?(I can't remember when we had our Fringe Peacock stuff on display). 

So at work (Chapters/Indigo), we get in a lot of "Lifestyle" product, one of the companies that we get gorgeous stuff from is Fringe, and apparently this particular collection was designed exclusively for us. Part of the Fringe Peacock collection was a beautifully printed tote bag. As gorgeous as the peacock print was on the front, I was more into the floral on the back. Here's a photo of it I took with my phone:

Fringe Peacock Bag; Back.
Isn't is such a gorgeous pattern? So, naturally I wanted this on my nails, since I'm a floral pattern junkie. And here is what happened after many months of staring at this bag.

Whole Hand.
 I tried a combination of things with this manicure, the original idea was to just over load on the floral, but it evolved; I tried that "outlined" nails technique, solid glitter nails, accent nails and some simple filigree.

Main Four.
 For the base colour I used "First Mate" by China Glaze, Essie's "A Cut Above" on my pinky, and "Pink Satin" by Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear for the outlining and filigree.

Thumb Close-up.
And a close up on my thumb. I tried to use different parts of the design on my nails so that it wouldn't be to repetitive. 

And that's the end of my little Monday manicure.

Also! Keep your eyes peeled this month, there will be a giveaway happening in September for my blog's birthday!