Friday, 19 October 2012

Flashback Friday: POW!

Feeling a little inspired this Friday. Based off of those cute action word bubbles from old-school comic books.

August/15/2012 Whole Hand
 I apologize in advance for the severely chipped ring finger nail. I only got a chance to photograph these after I finished work.

Main Four.

Thumb Close up.
So I wanted something quick for this manicure. So I french up with "Scandalous" by Revlon, a beautiful sheer black jelly with multiple sized glitter pieces floating in it. I've always liked the little action words like "BAM!" "WHAM!" and "POW" so I put them on my nails with some spikey abstract things. I thought this was fun while it lasted. And again, I apologize for the chips, dents and tip wear.