Friday, 5 October 2012

Flashback Friday: Blossoms

This is an old one, but it's nice, simple flowers on an easy gradient:


On a side note, forgive the severe dryness of my skin, it's not been happy with me lately.

So this is a simple french done using Wet n' Wild's "Tickled Pink" with a lilac gradient sponged over top in "Lacey Lilac" from Sally Hansen. It's a nice, light, airy sort of design, which is why I like it. I tried a different way of doing the french tips, which resulted them being a tad thick. I think I'll stick to my old way, unless school teaches me a better technique.

They're kind of dented because these photos were taken after going to work and doing lots of manual labour.
The flowers were done using white acrylic craft paint.