Tuesday, 9 October 2012


This is the first Halloween mani of 2012! I like the whole splatter polish technique, because its simple, quick and not as messy as a water marble (my opinion). So here we go!

October/07/2012 Whole Hand
 And of course, because Dexter is back for a 7th season, I had to do a tribute to my favourite Blood Splatter Analyst/Serial Killer, of any fictional work.

Main Four
 So the exciting bit here for me, is that this was done 100% with nail polish, no acrylic paint, I used a straw for the splatters, a dotting tool for the little hand print and blood drips, and dipped a finger into it for the finger print smudges. Exciting stuff no?

Thumb Close up
Alright, the base colour used was "You Callin' Me a Lyre?" by O.P.I., I used two reds here: "Poinsettia" by China Glaze and "Marooned" by Ocean. Overall I like how they look, and it's weird that I get giddy everytime I look at them, because I think Halloween is Coming!

On a side note, I'm going to stop posting the "Flashback Friday" posts, and just post the manicures when I do them. It'll be easier for me than trying to wrack my brain for when they were done. Although I do plan on swatching my collection so you should be kept busy with that at least.