Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Frankenpolish: White Gold

So this is not my first attempt in making my own polish colour, but it is definitely one I'm in love with.

Here we go! 

Since I started getting into painting my paws (almost a decade now), I've been hunting for a stunning white gold shimmer polish. I was never able to locate one in my price range, that I liked enough to buy. So I ventured into the world of Frankenpolish, and created this little number out of some basic trial and error.

September 20 2012.
This is it with two coats. It's sheer, but after a third coat it looks opaque. The photo from my blackberry doesn't do it justice, but when I decide to do something with it, I'll re-post a newer photo. I've only found one issue with this, the colour doesn't stay suspended in the polish, it almost immediately all falls the the bottom of the bottle and requires a 10 shaking to re-mix into this shade. Hmm, I dunno, I might have to use a thicker base polish for this next time I try this from scratch, but overall, I love it.


So I have another photo of these for you:
Oct/29/2012 to Nov/02/2012
I managed to get a shot of this with my proper camera this time. It's still not quite accurate, but it did amazingly well holding up to this weeks wear-and-tear. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!