Monday, 16 July 2012

The Dark Knight

My older brother and I were practically raised on Sesame Street and Batman. So it's no wonder that I'm a fan of the recent Dark Knight movies. Since the final in the trilogy is out on Friday, I felt the need to don some serious Batman Pride.

July/16/2012 Whole Hand
 My design is based off of the Mimobot USB keys for Batman. Which is why it's not quite so Dark Knight-esque.

Index to Pinky: Batman, Catwoman, Joker, Robin.
 I used "Silver Sweep" by Sally Hansen to create the metal outline for Catwoman's goggles. The base colour nail polishes I used were "Touch of Mauve" by Revlon (pinky), "French White Creme" and "Black Creme" by Wet n' Wild for the rest of my fingers.

Thumb close up.
I used just regular acrylic paints to do all these aside from the polishes stated above. I hope you enjoyed this manicure, and if you go see the final Dark Knight movie, tell me what you thought of it!
Have a good week!