Monday, 7 May 2012

Robert Best Inspired

I've got a sort of special one for you all today. I recently saw some of Robert Best's amazing Barbie
fashion drawings. And became smitten with his amazing style and his ability to render such beautiful images using watercolour. So naturally, I had to do something nail related.

These nails were inspired by this photo:
Artwork (C) Robert Best
This was one of my more favourite images by him, and it went on to inspire the birth of this nail design:

Upsidedown thumb.

I wanted it to look soft and watercolour-y like his works, but I feel like I missed it by a long shot. I'm also displeased with the shakey lines, but seeing as this is the FIRST portrait I've done on my nails, I shall still wear it proudly. The base colour is "Don't Touch My Tutu" from O.P.I.'s NYC Ballet Collection, with one coat of "Pirouette My Whistle" from the same collection.

As always, the actual design was done using acrylic craft paint. Hopefully the next portrait I do will turn out better. But I hope you still enjoyed!