Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Robert Best Inspired - Take 2

First and foremost, I appologize for not having this ready yesterday, there was just too much for me to do.
As I said previously, I have another manicure inspired by one of Robert Best's artwork.

This time I was inspired by this photo:

Artwork (C) Robert Best.

On to the manicure for today:

Whole hand.

Close up on Thumb.

Close up of main fingers.
This was a little more fun, and very different from what I usually do, as I'm sure you've all noticed by now. My stuff is usually pretty simple. Although this isn't something I typically wear, this was a lot of fun to do, and I hope to wear this baby until she chips like a mofo. I'm in love with the little Barbie-girl face and her cute little pout. This is probably beside the point, but all of these are hand-painted aside from the pinky finger, and my index finger; the index is just dried black polish cut into strips.

Now on to the colours I used:
"Solar Power" China Glaze (Pinky finger)
"Naked" China Glaze (Middle finger)
"Marine Scene" Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Thumb)
"Lacey Lilac" Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear (Thumb)
"Black Creme" Wet n' Wild (Index finger)
"French White Creme" Wet n' Wild (Index Finger)