Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Adventures in Foiling

Just a mini post about some experimenting I've been doing in my down time. So this started out in the form of a question in my head, "Can I use my foils and nail stamping stuff together?" As in, would the glue pick up the pattern from the stamp plate and transfer to the nail. The outcome was well, disappointing. It made nothing but a filthy, sticky mess :(

"Up All Night" by China Glaze, foil is "Wedgewood"

After that fiasco I wondered, "If it can't do that will more intricate designs pick up enough foil?". That luckily worked, which is what you see above. The base colour is "Up All Night" by China Glaze, a very pretty dark blue with subtle shimmer, and the foil is actually a shiny blue/grey called "Wedgewood".
The design was hand painted in the glue supplied by Dollar Nail Art, and once dry I pressed the foil to transfer. Needless to say, it picked up quite well, and so I'm kind of excited to try it on more difficult designs.

You might be thinking "Why didn't you paint the whole nail?" simple, I'm practising for school. Trying to get a perfect clean line without the polish bleeding into the person's cuticle (there is a green "cuticle" line drawn on the nail prior to polish application).

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my experimenting, and hopefully if you also wondered this it helped clear anything up for you. Questions and comments are always welcomed :) Enjoy!