Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Avengers (Photo Heavy)

A few days ago I posted a tiny little vote for my friend on Facebook, I asked if they wanted a)The Avengers Nails or b) Nautical Nails. The results were no surprise, The Avengers won out by a landslide. So here are the fruits of my labour. All the colours are listed at the end, so keep reading. :)

Both Hands. Frome Left to Right: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, The Hulk.
This is both paws, there was a ton of bubble on my right hand after I top coated for some odd reason.

Thumb to Pinky: Avengers symbol, Captain American, Iron Man, Thor, Marvel logo.
My left hand, is mostly blue, framed by the Avengers logo and the Marvel logo. I added some gold and silver to give Iron Man and Thor's images a touch more depth.

Thumb to Pinky: Avengers Symbol, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Marvel Logo.
Not much to say about this one, it's already mostly explained, but I need to pick up a new top coat, this old one is getting seriously bubbly.

Close up on thumbs. Left thumb (on the right) and Right thumb (on the left).
I prefer the glitter on my Right hand thumb(left photo) more than the other. It looks neater to me some how.

Alright, on to the explanation for these. I didn't want them to look exactly like all the others, so I looked up Calvin Lin's minimalist Superhero posters, you can view them here: Calvin Lin Deviantart. I was tempted to do all the posters, seeing as there were only six Avengers from the movie and I have ten fingers. But, instead I framed them with the Avengers and Marvel logos to tie everything all together. Overall I'm quite pleased with these despite the numerous mistakes I'm sure you'll see (I'll save myself the hassle of pointing them out).

Now here's a list of colours I used as the bases:

"Black Creme" by Wet n' Wild (Thumbs and Pinkies)
"Frost Bite" by China Glaze (Left hand Index)
"Hey Sailor!" by China Glaze (Left hand Middle finger)
"Royal" by Revlon (Left hand Ring finger)
"Lickety Split Lime" by Sally Hansen (Right hand index)
"Black Creme" Wet n' Wild (Right hand Middle finger)
"Evening Seduction" by China Glaze (Right hand ring finger)
"Posh Plum" by Sally Hansen (Right hand ring finger; 1 coat)