Thursday, 27 December 2012

Nyx: Robotic Swatch

A while back I purchased a few nail polish goodies via la internet. They finally arrived but I'm going to swatch them one by one and slowly so I don't expose my nails to too much acetone at any given time.

Here's one of them:

I apologize for the chip in the middle finger nail. Onwards! So this is "Robotic" by Nyx Girl polish. I've never tried Nyx's nail polishes before, and I have to admit I'm not fond of them. It's chipped after one day (the thumb is completely gone), and this is done with 6 coats, it's incredibly sheer, which can be a plus in some instances but not when I was expecting a solid colour.

On the plus side, I do like this shade, its a blueish green that's nearly black with blue/green shimmer to it, it's a subtle shimmer, but it does remind me of China Glaze's "Smoke and Ashes".

I should buy a few more Nyx polishes to determine if they're all this sheer, but I'm hoping they aren't, all of that aside, this colour chips to soon for my liking.