Monday, 20 August 2012

Miss Emo Shun All

I liked the colour combination I did for Sam a few weeks back, and wanted to test it out again with a slightly different spin.

Here's a photo before my niece MZM decided she was going to use her little bebe nails to dent them. So I'm still obviously into this whole "accent nail" business at the moment. On the ring finger we have Sation's "Loudest Colour" a blinding highlight fluorescent green/yellow. It's much greener in person. On the rest of my fingers is "Miss Emo Shun All" a beautiful deep violet also by Sation. I originally attempted water-marbling with these colours for the accent nail but it didn't work out. So I opted for some needle-dragging instead. I topped it off with some large bronze studs and called it a day. 

Also on a totally off-topic note, I aced my final exams for Nail Technology. :)