Monday, 6 August 2012

Doctor Who Weeping Angels

This was the result of me annoying my friend Moose. I had no idea what to do this week, so I asked him after discussing the budgsicles and their odd behaviours. 
He came up with the idea for weeping angels nail art, so here it is, for all you my fellow Whovians!

Whole Hand: Thumb and Pinky Galaxy Nails; Index and Ring finger Weeping Angels; Middle finger Doctor Who logo.
This design is a mix and mash of different things; I did some galaxy nails for my pink and thumb nails, and the weeping Angels on the ring and index fingers, and I managed to smear the Doctor Who logo :S

Here's a close up on the main four, this is the best I could get, I'm still learning to use my new camera.

So here's a list of polishes I used and which fingers they are on:
"Wet Cement" and "Slick Slate" by Sally Hansen: sponged for a textured stone effect (Index and Ring fingers).
"First Mate" by China Glaze: perfect Tardis blue on the middle finger. 
"Silver Sweep" by Sally Hansen: Doctor Who logo.
"Smoke and Ashes" China Glaze, "Fairy Dust" China Glaze and "Disco Fever" from Covergirl for the Holo Chunky glitter: on the thumb and pinky galaxy nails.
I hope you enjoyed this one.