Monday, 18 March 2013

House Lannister (Photo Heavy)

Week 3, we're almost there!

House Lannister nails:

Whole Hand
 So as you know the Lannister's sigil is a Lion, I chose not to use the original sigil for these because its very tough getting a whole lion in there with the amount of detail I would've wanted. So instead I opted for one of the desktop wallpaper lions.

Main Four.
 I also included a fancy chevron french manicure to the other nails, unfortunately the rhinestones on my index finger migrated a bit before I photographed these and noticed it. I added the lion's tail on the pinky because I didn't want it plain, and didn't know what else I should put there.

Thumb Close up.
 This is by far the best looking lion.

The base colour I used for these was "Hey Sailor!" by China Glaze. I painted the lions using a gold/yellow matte acrylic paint. The gold striping tape is from the BornPretty store.

These were fun, but didn't turn out as nicely as I hoped, but overall I'm pleased with them.

Have a good week! And stay tuned for the Finale!

If you would like a set of these feel free to contact me.