Monday, 21 January 2013


Let me start off by saying, this was an experiment with striping tape, which is why you won't be receiving a full hand photo. Also, let me state this has nothing to do with dental floss.

So, I do a little bit of sewing, a lot lately actually, and in my sewing adventures I've made a few corsets, not the greatest, but they did what I needed them to do. On this topic, if you've heard of/wear corsets you might notice some of them have decorative flossing on them where the boning channels are.

That decorative flossing, inspired this adventure:

The base red is "Hey Sailor!" by China Glaze, my all time favourite. And the gold striping tape was purchased from the BornPrettyStore. I think for an experiment it turned out pretty decent. The only downside I found was the tape started lifting at the tips on my nail and got pretty scratchy, but I think that could be solved with me trimming it closer to the nail tip.

Have a Happy Monday!