Thursday, 1 October 2015

Candy Corn

It's finally October! It's time for Halloween manicures!


This year we're starting off with something hopefully everyone recognizes; Candy Corn!

I originally thought this was going to be quick and easy but it turned into something much more painstaking. I'm quite out of practise, so it took a lot longer and my lines aren't nearly as nice as they could be.
When I first picked up this colour it looked like the perfect orange creme, although once I got it out of the bottle onto my nails I learned how much of a neon it really was. It is a really bright shade, I was not prepared for how bright it is. I found it also went on a bit streaky (as neons tend to), even after three coats, that was a little frustrating. But, it is a very pretty shade of orange.
Also my nail on my middle finger broke really close to the nail bed, which is why it's much shorter than the rest. It also broke in a really strange way, the under layer (can I call it that?) of the free edge is what broke but it's attached to the skin firmly so removing it would be unwise. The top layer is fine though. I guess I just have to let it grow out.
Anyway, I have a few manicures planned for this month, stay tuned for more Halloween-y goodness.


"Lady and the Vamp" China Glaze (Halloween 2015 Collection)