Monday, 19 August 2013


These were a lot of work, but well worth it. They are not close visually to the reference I used but I love them regardless. Howlite, or as some may know it "White turquoise" is a really beautiful stone.

August/11/2013  Left Hand
So I'm sure some of you have seen those super awesome stone inspired manicures rolling around right? 
I've been meaning to try my hand at one for a while, but didn't quite know where to start, so I did some practise to gain the right techniques, and here's a final result.

I started with a basic base colour (OPI Skull and Glossbones to be exact) and did some water spotting, which I then went over with acetone and a few other colours to recreate that marbled effect stone has.

Right Hand
Normally I use acrylic paints to make my artwork, but they weren't creating the effect I needed, so this time I used purely nail polishes.

I'm very partial to the way my right hand middle fingernail came out, it's probably my favourite out of the 10 nails.

Colours Used:
"Skull and Glossbones" OPI
"My Private Jet" OPI
"French White Creme" Wet n' Wild
"Saturday Night Fever" Sally Hansen
"Blue-ming" Color Club
"Cotton Candy" Sation

I wish you all a Happy Monday!