Friday, 29 June 2012

Gay Pride Toronto 2012 and Canada Day

Fairly unusual of me to post a new mani on Friday, but this one is fairly important to me; since seeing that July 1st is Canada Day and this week is Pride Week in Toronto. As a full-blooded Canadian born and bred girl and being damn proud of my country, I naturally had to show my support.

I'm a complete supporter of Gay and LGBTQ rights movement. I think it's only fair to allow people to love who they love freely and openly, no matter what. So I rainbowed up my nails accordingly to the LGBTQ flag. I had to add in the little Canada Flag since Canada Day is also super important.

Colours Used:
"Hey Sailor" by China Glaze
"Frostbite" China Glaze
"Flying Dragon" China Glaze
"Lickety-Split Lime" Sally Hansen
"Lightning" Sally Hansen
"French White Creme" Wet n' Wild