Thursday, 5 January 2012

Hand, Foot and Body Scrub

So, since I have no editing software, and my laptop is refusing to run anything programs other than Firefox, I can't upload any photos of nail art for you. 

BUT! I can still type for you, and to keep you happy, I have a handy little recipe for an awesome Hand, Foot and Body scrub you can make at home using only oil and sugar!
Since where I work, I deal with a ton of box opening/ripping my hands tend to take a lot of damage, so to combat this I usually try to use my home made scrub to both exfoliate and moisturize my hands. It works great when you use it all over your body too, just be sure to wash out your shower after using it, it gets pretty slippery due to the oil.

A side note here, I didn't find this recipe off a website, but I'm sure there are many out there already with it, this recipe I got from bothering my Mom, along with my sugaring wax recipe (but that will be left for another dysfunctional laptop day).

Hand, Foot and Body Scrub Recipe

Items Needed:

An Empty Body Lotion Tub (Washed and Dried) OR a Clean Tupperware container
Spoon or Chopstick (For mixing)


1/2 c Oil (Any Kind)
1c Sugar or Salt
Fragrance Oil (Optional)


1. Combine the sugar and oil in the container, mixing with the spoon until it's smooth and not overly oily.
2. (Optional) Add a few drops of your fragrance oil and mix thoroughly.

To Use:

1. Put a small amount into palms and massage it gently onto your hands, feet or wherever you're using it. Try to use small circular motions.
2. Massage it until the sugar dissolves, or rinse your hands until the sugar is gone.
3. (Optional) Now if you don't like your hands feeling oily, you can wash your hands regularly if you want, but then apply your favourite hand lotion.

Now, I don't normally add fragrance oils to my stuff because I find that a lot of them I'm allergic to. Also, if you let it sit, it will settle, and every time you go to use it you will have to mix it up again to get the right texture. Don't leave it sitting around for months on end, it tends to dry out, and the sugar crystallizes.

Let me know if you enjoyed this, or even if you hated it. :)