Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Kleancolor Haul

Left to Right: "230 Chunky Holo Fuschia","104 Fashionista", "45 Copper"

Left to Right: "199 Hot Stuff", "228 Chunky Holo Candy", "198 Bite Me"

Left to Right: "181 Mix Signal", "118 Jazz Olive", "236 Chunky Holo Black"

Left to Right: "112 Golden Nightmare", "58 Expresso", "50 Cappuchino

Recently received the 12 new nail polishes I bought a few weeks ago. They're all by Kleancolor, and sadly not available in Canada minus a few select Mom n' Pop stores, so I purchased mine on Ebay. Along with each colour I added a swatch painted onto some fake nails. To look at their whole collection (make-up included) go to their website here: Kleancolor

P.S. They have a nice variety of colours, but they do take a tad longer to dry.