Sunday, 1 April 2012

Snowy Day Bling

So yesterday I woke up to a light dusting on snow on Betty (my van). And was not impressed as I was heading out to class. So this is the mani inspired by my dislike of snow.

Whole hand.

Thumb Close-up.
So I first put down a white gradient using the sponging technique. I used "French White Creme" by Wet n' Wild for the base colour. On top of that I did a basic glitter gradient using Sally Hansen's "Disco Ball" from the eXtreme Wear line, its like an iridescent glitter. On top of that I randomly attached half pearls and rhinestones which were purchased from Michael's Arts and Crafts store.
Overall I like them, I love blinged out paws, but they are a pain to work with since they are so bulky, I have trouble getting my hands between books to make shelf space.